everything has changed

i think everything has changed. i dont like it even i've changed too. if they changed to be better thats okay but the fact is....they didnt. those things are driving me into a bad mood. i'll change my personality to be a good person, and also im trying to be a better person. so to the point is..... everything has changed, SO do I.

sorry if my grammar still bad, im (still) learning huh?

if i die tomorrow

if i die tomorrow.. what would you do for me? will you forget me? or still remember the memories we had?
if i die tomorrow.. will you cry for me? or smile like im never exist in your life?
if i die tomorrow.. will you sad because of it? or will you happy and enjoy your life as usual you do?
if i die tomorrow.. will you carry this body to The Last Place? or will you just sitting around in your room just like another day?
if i die tomorrow.. 

p.s : sorry if i (still) have bad grammar -_-


welcome holiday. be nice to me please!

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